Don't do what I did - 08+ Front Brakes

Well folks,

I thought I'd give you the heads up regarding 08+ model brakes....

If your not a complete idiot like me, you need not read any further :bonk:

After a lever, fluid and pad change, I spent the best part of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon trying to regain the rock hard feeling of my front brake lever.

After reverse bleeding, vacuum bleeding and lots of swearing the lever still felt really mushy and pulled back to the bars with relative ease. The lever exhibited the exact characteristics of having air in the line.

Verdict: The little linkage which rests between the M/C piston and the lever has to be installed with the large ball end at the lever, not the other way around :bonk::banghead:

As I understand it, the 07+ Honda MC has the same / similar linkage.

I hope this thread saves somebody their Saturday afternoon... in which case my stupidity won't have been completely in vain :bonk:


Well if swearing at it did not do it ,, it must be the damn mechanic who will go un named at this point !!

PS> in flattrack there is no front stoppies allowed ,, so i'm of no help but if you cannot fix your front set up , then throw them in a box and come with us to run in circles . Heck , i have enough prolb's keeping the rear brake from frying ..... I'm like " *&%#@ We only have one set of brakes and i can't even get them to work right !! " sad indeed

Thank you; I'lll file that away in the old memory bank! Whoops! that may not work as it is and OLD memory bank.

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