2001 dr200

I have full battery power, yet no starter...what gives? Worked fike 2 says ago...pls help, my first bike, a little dumb here!

A whole bunch of things can do that. Check the kill switch, is it in the correct position, is it broken? Check that good contact is being made when you pull in the clutch (that was a problem on mine). You have it in neutral right? Check the wires coming off the starter switch and maybe see if the switch is dirty (that was a problem on my 85 Elite scooter). Check the starter relay and maybe even try jumping around it, a pair of insulated pliers across the two heavy wires should tell if it is working, be careful there. Put the bike in gear and rock it back and forth, maybe the starter gear is jammed. Make sure the key is falling into the correct running position and not turned a little to far and getting in park (my DR250 used to get stuck between on and park and refuse to start). All kind of things can cause this.

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