Adjustable leak jet for old style fcr ?

Is there available an adjustable leak jet like the R&D power pump for the old slant style FCR carburetors ?

Here are some pictures ...




i don't think the slant body FCRs (old style) have leak jets at all. i'm sure someone with more knowledge will jump in.

where is the pump rod?

i havent tried to use a alj on a a old style fcr.the merge alj could possibly work.

The pump rod is sitting on the bench. The carby is being overhauled. Maybe I have the terminology wrong. I want to be able to externally control the fuel squirt duration.

The carby is being convert to have left side throttle pull for an XR400 and hopefully use the standard cables. I'll post some pics when completed.

The Merge piece will bolt on fine, pump cover is the same as the later carbs, bowl is different. I would check with Merge, you may have to drill a hole in the bowl where the LJ would go if they had fitted one.

Contacted Merge and they said it will not fit.

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