OMG Its broke. Dash - speedo - estart - headlights

ok everything infront of the motor has stopped working. i checked main fuse and its ok. But heres the kicker. Everything comes back if i turn the high beam on. What the fudge is happening.

im quessing i have a short somewhere haha. Anytips where to start?

Check and/or replace your hi/low switch for a short.

i'm with slacking on that one. or just disconnect it and see if it comes to life

Also check the plug on the headlight for corrosion

ok after tinkering around i found out the first thing i should have checked is the battery. and quess what its fugged. lasted 3 months 3 days. the dealer i bought it off says no warranty on batteries. yay.

So now after buying a new dash replacing switches and taking about half my bike its a lesson learned eh.

Put the battery on our revitaliser at work and it seems to come up ok ill load test it today and get back to everyone.

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