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Hi there.the stock battery on my drz is a little poorly now,lasted 3 years so cant really complain.I have a ktm that i take off the road over the winter months,the battery from that will fit the drz with a little mod to the battery box.My only concern is the stock drz battery is 6.5 Ah and the ktm is 11.2 Ah,will this damage the charging circuit or cause any electrical issues on the drz?Will the drz be able to charge the bigger amperage battery too? As you can tell i know very little regarding batterys! Thanks for your help.

It won't damage anything, and if you can get it in there without it fouling anything (including the rear tyre on full bump if you're cutting the back out of the battery box to make room for it) then all's fine.

The capacity of a battery in Amp-hours (Ah) doesn't change anything for the charging circuit, it still just replaces the energy you've taken out - no difference.

Thanks for that mate,now posting to say i`ve put the stock battery back in.With the ktm battery fitted i couldnt get the side panel on properly.Big Doh!! lol

If you go excessively large charging can be an issue, but in our case for a battery to be large enough for charging to be an issue it wouldn't fit in the bike.

Sisneros Super Start kit. Cut out battery box, new metal keeper, all the wiring. Pick up the bigger battery locally.

180+ cca vs 85 for the stocker.

Easy mod and looks good.

Use a battery tender at least once a month and when not using the bike. My 2001 E has the original battery in it, never has let me down. My oldest battery is ten this year...

Andy nice avatar. Look up Sisneros Super Start, it is similar to what you have battery-wize.

Its a nice mod and if you re handy you can probably do it yourself.

Check out this link. They cost a bit more, but so far the reviews seem positive. You will notice from reading the thread that due to the different technology you may be perfectly happy with a 5.0Ah.


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