What is a hot cam?

What do hot cams do?

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Aftermarket cam shafts


In my experience they are junk, they had fitment issues in some ATVs (back in '05 when Yamaha went from the Warrior 350 to the Raptor 350 Hot Cams assumed the engine was the same and relabeled the Warrior cams as Raptor 350 cams. The cam bearing in the head was actually different and cause some piston / valve contact and destroyed a few engines... long story short Hot Cams would not stand behind their product and left some customers with new engines that crapped the bed).

Go with Web for the best IMO


HOT CAMS the company, might as well call them Nike or Adidas, just a brand name, or what builders term a "hot" cam are two different things. To a builder...higher lift, longer durations...are generally what they are talking about...usually makes for some sensitive idle. Thanks to Bruce Crower back in the "day"...it's no longer an art, it's science. Which is why a real builder will look at people funny that believe they've created magic. Lots of math.

What do hot cams do?

Change the way the motor behaves. Usually it's about more horsepower, torque, rpms, etc. For a dirt bike rider that knows exactly how they like their power delivery, a new cam profile goes a long way in getting ya there. Lots of variables, comes down to lots of math. Be very aware of someone telling you they have the "best cam in general"...if you hear those words come outta someone's mouth. Roll up them jeans. If they are talking about "best cam for such and such"...keep listening, but what works for one, may not work the same for another. Again, LOTS of variables.

Good luck. That's somewhat of an advanced question if ya really wanna break it down.

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