Dynojet complete DRZ400SM. Some advice please?


I completed my 3x3 and Stage 2 Dynojet instructions the other day. I had a chance to put a few miles in yesterday. Runs well, except for some minor popping on deceleration (Only if you allow the engine to slow the bike down or down shift to a stop)I figure that may be just a fuel screw adjustment it is so minor. I was surfing the net yesterday, and now I have some additional questions I would like some advice on.

I did the kit precisely like DJ instructed. My set is:

155 Main

3.5 Turns out on fuel screw

Needle is set with E clip in groove #2 from the top of the needle.(Per DJ)

My question is....after looking through some posts and other sites, I see folks referring to groove #4 for the needle, and they are also changing pilot jets which is something DJ did not reference at all in the SM specific kit 3110. Am I missing something here? Is there still more performance to squeeze out? I would really like some advice, like I said... she runs well, and I would say an improvement over stock but not a huge one. I live in Ohio but I'm not real sure on elevation above sea level. The bike has an FMF Q2 slip on.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'll tear it back down in a heartbeat for some more power!



Also just an add-on. I did install the extended fuel screw as all of the searches I did on TT suggested it. From what I am gathering, this negates the need to change pilots?

Hoping Mr. Burned might offer a little advice here.

Many thanks-


clip 4 would be on the S model kit.

a slight pop on decel is perfectly normal.

if you have the stock 22.5 pilot jet and the extended screw the fuel screw needs to me mor elike 2.75 turn to 3 turns.

Thank you Mr. Sisneros. If that is all I need to do that is outstanding! I will adjust accordingly (One more reason I am glad I went with the extended screw!). I really appreciate the advice, and to be honest Iam glad I don't have to take her back down! Riding days are limited in Ohio from October to Feb. Can't afford to miss one due to maintenance.

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