thunder valley

There has been alot of talk this week that thunder valley is redoing the whole track this monday and tuesday. I even herd they were considering running the track backwards!!!

anyone have any solid know about that they can share????

The track is being flipped around today (Monday). Myself, and 3 others will be out there today testing it out while it's being flipped around. When it opens on Wednesday it will be run in the opposite direction.

It will only be run backwards for the winter, due to the fact that our starting gate only works going 'up hill'. All the jumps will be rebuilt, some added, and some removed.

I will post some feedback to let everyone know how it is tonight!!

thanks for the info i cant wait to ride wednesday!!

SOOOOOOOO SICK!!!!! Stuck here with a busted clavicle:foul:, now im really dyin to ride. Anyone that rides it let us know how it is.

IDK some of that stuff looks do or die, hope its not a pro's only type track

anybody going out sat. to check it out? be there in blue ford with 2 orange bikes

Im hopeing to get out there today about to call the hotline now and see if they open... we drove by yesterday and there was no snow but it was probably muddy ass :bonk:

bad news hotline said they were closed because of a snowy track... i didnt see any snow :bonk:

anyone know if the springs is rideable!! i just got a new bike and i am DIEING!

VDR is always open. If the main track is muddy you could prolly find some good lines in back to break in your new ride

im hopeing to get out to eire either today or tomorrow... i dont go to berthod cause i rarely go all the way up north and hate having to but a membership ill only use one time.

Track was great for a MUD BOG saw like 6 guys stuck in the mud . My kid hit one of the mudholes and went over the bars. Yet they are still watering.

ps the track sucks backwards. See ya in the spring or whenever ya run it the right way.

On top of all that they shut down the track for about an hour to shoot some ** video.

Be a while before we come back there.

I thought the track was okay really rutted in some spots due to the massive amount of moisture that was on it and i was the one out there watering due to the fact it was getting try in spots they can put the track back to normal shape just as soon as i clear that uphill triple they were filming that movie on:ride:


The track was never shut down. We divereted a couple of corners for a shot time while a national movie was being filmed. The track was not ideal but those who wanted to ride did the best they could do under the conditions.

We put at least 20 local riders in a national motocross movie, and that was cool for them.

im hopeing to get out to eire either today or tomorrow... i dont go to berthod cause i rarely go all the way up north and hate having to but a membership ill only use one time.

? Practice club membership is like $15/year and $15/day.

I drive 80 mi. (one way) to ride there... it's a bargain and a very good track. IMHO

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