Gobbler Getter Enduro, Clanton, AL

anyone going? Does anyone have any idea what the course is like? I raced Tree Farm hare scramble and did not really enjoy terrain. Maybe being enduro it will be more singletrack and hills. Thank you for any info.

You nailed it! I ain't rode it in a couple years but it was much tighter, and had some fun hills. I ran treefarm and it was probably the most open SERA event I have raced, I guess were opposite in that way though I like more open trails.:bonk: What class are you wanting to run?

I ride in C-open in the hare scrambles that I have done, and I reckon that is what I will race in the enduro too. I have only entered 6 races, ( 5 hare scrambles and 1 enduro), and it is still pretty new to me. Having alot of fun.

The Gobbler Getter Enduro is not in Clanton by any means. The Perry Mtn. M/C is traditionally thought of as being from Maplesville as that is where the Gobbler Getter first started at the old school house. Now is is a few miles south toward Selma. Between Stanton and Plantersville, AL. Reynolds' Pasture. The land belongs to the family of Millard Reynolds, A former nat'l enduro rider from the 50's and 60's. Look for rugged terrain and tight woods. Some rocks. I promise you will get your money's worth.


The Gobbler Getter Enduro is not in Clanton by any means.

Good catch, I didn't even notice that, there is nothing worse then being late for a race and pull in the wrong location:banghead: Hey Dwight I heard the rules had changed in the enduro in the past years (no time keeping?). Do you know where I can read up on the new rules? I checked the SERA website but didn't find anything.

noone going?

WOW what a great race ! Although it rained early Saturday morning, it was great. Challenging yet ridable. The club did a great job of putting bandaids on mudhole , bridges and reroutes. I can't remember seeing that many hill climbs since the enduros of the early 70s. I did get stuck a couple times but got the bike out within 2 minutes. The club rerouted both areas next time through ( We rode that section twice). I promise this is not an event to ever miss. The Perry Mtn M/C is a first class club and rarely if ever make any mistakes. I dare say that this is the best enduro in the country bar none.


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