help drz400e 2007

I have a 2007 drz400 e, bike alwayas ran great. Yesterday I was riding, Just got outside of town, about 10 miles, turned a corner while I was getting on the throttle, the bike started sputtering, backfired then died, wouldn't start. Made a call and got it back home, thought it could be fouled plug, changed the plug and still wont start. Any Ideas on what it could be?

It has plenty of gas.

do you have a strong spark ?

do you have fuel flow ?

Water in the gas? Drain tank and carb float bowl; then, fill with new.

I am getting good spark. I tried starting again yesterday, a couple if times she acted like it wanted to start, then I get a loud backfire.

If spark is good, and fuel is good, drained and preferably checked, I would look at cam timing, especially if you have not replaced the ACCT, with the manual one. While checking cam timing, I would look at valve clearance.

pull that stator cover to see if the starter clutch bolts backed out.

Anybody got a pic of this? Me thinks I need to do loctite fixes this winter.

Anybody got a pic of this? Me thinks I need to do loctite fixes this winter.

Your joking.. yes? If not,, umm, have a look at the FAQ at the top of the page.

grab the stator off of the classifieds, get a good repair book, and some loctite. BTW don't try starting it anymore it is just going to cost more to fix.

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