Snow Storm Blues?

Yesterday I raced at Crow Hill MX in Templeton MA which experienced an early snow storm with mixed rain and wind. temps were in the mid to low 30'sF. I have an 08 450 which has never had any problems before. Just before my first moto the bike started to backfire, pop and generally barely kept running. I rode back to the trailer and somehow it cleaned out and ran just fine. It ran fine for the next class as well.

Went up to the line for the second moto and it ran fine, warmed it up and blasted into the first turn just fine. It died soon after and would not start while I watched my class and the points chase fade into the distance. I got it started and tried to ride on the track. It died again.

checked the gas, no water, checked the airfilter it was dry. I will check the electrical connections and hoses to make sure they didnt get wet or pinched. it has 38 hours on it now, I dont think the valves are the problem as it ran great when it ran. Electric voodoo or fuel fiasco?

I remember Gary Semics had an electrical problem with his 08 that might have had to do with the carb or stator.

Anyone have any clue what that was all about or any other issue I might be experiencing? I have one more race at Southwick next weekend and would like to use the bike.

Thanks for any help you can suggest.

Sounds like the ignition pickup has some crap on it. Drain the engine oil, pop the ignition cover off and look for debris on/near the pickup. I'd install a new plug, too, just for ha-has, although you likely don't need it.

Did you richen the jetting per the table in the Owner's Mnaual for the colder weather? If not, please do so, you'll be runnign a lot better and you won' twant to be lean at Wick.

thanks for the one and only reply! I found that the crankcase breather tube was pinched between the newly greased swingarm and the engine case but I know that is just way too easy. pulled the thing apart and checked the jets in the carb, will have real mechanic look at the float level to make sure before putting the puzzle back together.

the spark plug was black around the ring and light grey on the electrode. if it was running lean, wouldnt the whole thing be grey or whitish?

Would I have to put in new brass to make it richer, or does the fuel screw which influences the lower rpm region be enough to mess with?

If all else fails will look at the ignition as you suggested or start fooling with the electricals. :bonk:

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