Kickstart questions/concerns

edit - all is well :bonk:

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i would check the valves just for assurance! but with the auto-decomp it feels like there is no compression! or might be time for a new piston and rings! never know just look in the manual and look at specs..where in alabama are you ? if you eed help PM me and il give you my number! if i cant help i have a local shop that does some of my work!:bonk:

I am just below Birmingham near Alabaster/Helena area.

It would be hard for me to think that it would need a new piston and rings this early with such a low hour/mile motor but who knows. As the saying goes, shit happens lol. The bike receives oil changes religiously and probably more frequent than it needs but I'm anal like that. Oil filter gets changed every time as well.

I'll borrow a friends compression gauge and also inspect the valve clearances. Hoping it's nothing and that it's just my imagination. Doesn't help that I've recently been riding my buddies CRF250R and kicking that beast compared to kicking my WR is night and day.

Stupid thought but the hot start lever for the carb should have no effect on the amount of 'feel' on the compression stroke correct? I know it probably would for a non auto-decomp bike but wasn't sure if the hot start would have an effect. I would think not but it's better to ask a dumb question than not ask at all heh.

Hmm after reading it seems I will need to build a little homebrew leak down tester as the auto decomp is not going to give me accurate results doing a compression check. No biggie and looks cheap and simple to make one.

Can anyone answer my questions regarding your kicker supposed to stop at hitting the peg or not?

Your kick-start lever's stop is the foot-peg, if you look at the lever there will be a beefed up spot where it contacts the peg.

Yeah that is what I was referring to as the "boss" on the kicker. That's for answering my hunch motox04. :bonk:

After getting home i decided to go out and kick the bike over. I think maybe yesterday my mind was just playing tricks on me. Or maybe it was I had been kicking my buddies CRF250 over a few days prior and his bike is much more harder to kick over. I was able to kick it over on the 1st kick on a good compression stroke. I rarely ever use my kick start so maybe I just forgot how easy it is to kick over. Who knows.

Still will do a leak test for reassurance and also to log it into my maintenance records just for the sake of keeping up with it.

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