83' XT250 burning oil

Heya. Im seeing smoke out the pipe of my 1983 XT250. More when the bike is cold and then less as it warms up. Before I rip into it, does it seem to be more of a worn piston and ring issue OR a worn valve stem seal issue? Or is it just too tricky to be determined until opening it up?

how fast is the oil in it going down? sounds like valve seals are most of the problem.

Yeah, im almost sure its the valve stem oil seals. I did a compression check yesterday and compression is up around 155. Perfect.

Also, as usual, the smoke goes away almost completely after the bike is warmed up. And the spark plug has oil on the threads and tip when the bike was sitting for a bit.


buddy had one that would only quit smoking when it was out of oil. found a peice of metal had welded itself to the rocker and was holding the exh valve open. trashed the cam too. would take 2 hrs for it to run out of oil.

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