whats the difference 570tc and 570te or any info on the 570s

had a few bikes in my time mostly 2strokes odd cheap 4stroke. bought my 1st husky 2001 cr250 knowing very little about them. great bike love it but also want a 4stroke and found a cheap tc570. everything is mint about it and i mean mint. i would swear its never seen outside.

but starter coil is ****ed on it.not really sure what that means but guessing it means it does not start at all which i would stay clear of or it starts with a tow.

i know very little about them. hoping electric start because and 10,7stone im going to have trouble with kickstarting a 570.

also whats the difference between the tc and the te?

this is the bike


Good choice - this bike has great powerful engine. Between te & tc engines are only one difference = cam shaft, nothing moore.

Tc have a 4speed close ratio gearbox Te have a 6speed wide ratio gearbox. Tc have bigger valves, higher comp, different cam and pumps out 5-6 more hp.

Tc have a 4speed close ratio gearbox

i don't think that is right.

Hi , they are not too bad to kick-start once you get the technique sorted,

the MX gearing will be fine, putting it on the raod will be a problem , and the motors do not like lots of road use,

all down to price I'm afraid, people won't pay too much for an old bike no matter what condition , and as a non-runner you cannot test it out properly,

for less than £500 though I would go for it,

all the best,


I have a TC570 -02 it has a 4speed gearbox.

And if you download a manual for a TC570 01-03 it says 4speed:prof:

im not using it for road im using it on forest runs and trails

got the bike fixed coil ****ed up but now sorted so £900

good or bad?

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