YZF rims on a WR.


I have a set of 07 yzf 450 rims and was wondering if they fit on my 2008 WR450F. They look the same as what i had on there before i went to supermoto. Are the hubs the same as the WR? I was wondering for hooking up my speedo. Any input would be a great help. Also, I dont have the rims yet but will soon.

I found part #'s for the wr450f and the yz450f for the front hubs and its different. wr # 5NG-25111-50-00

yz# 5NY-25111-00-00.

So I assume this means I cant use my speedo sensor with the YZ Hub. But can I still use the wheel on the WR is the only question.

I am not sure about the front but I think the back would work. Only difference being the WR is an 18" and the YZ is a 19"

Yeah the rear hub is the same. And your right the yz is 19" and the wr is 18" but both work on either. Does anyone know the axel dia for the yz and wr?

I think they have been the same for the last 10 years. I bought a set up super moto wheels for a yz450 and it fit on my wr450. the wheels said they fit all 450's.

Yea same as my supermoto setup. 17" carrozzeria rims and the stock speedo wont fit on them either. Might just have to invest in a trail tech vapor.

The front hub on the WR is machined for a speedo drive. The YZ wheel will fit, but you can't drive the meter with it.

Ok I see how it works now. The YZ front has aluminum spacers where as the wr has the plastic spacers the same as what is in the back. Anyone want a new cheap YZ Hub. Going REAL CHEAP! lol.

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