450 sxf duel curve ign

so its got the wires under the tank , witch way round does it work , pluged in more power , unpluged more power ? ,

Plugged in is the stock (aka "aggressive") map.

Unplugged is the slower (aka "traction") map.

On my 505 there is a distinct difference between the two. The aggressive map has a lot more "hit" to it and pulls WAY harder on top.

I will admit that it is a lot easier to ride faster with the traction map. But it isn't as fun!

are thats why it felt like it was pulling my arms off then

ill unplug it and try again , but yes it was fast and good fun till i got tired


The dual MAP switch is an awesome idea. I typically have mine on "low" for harescrambles, tight trails, or sloppy conditions. Turning it to "high" is an easy way to put a smile on my face though.

ill disconect it and go riding later in the week and see how it is

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