RMZ250 Head Help

So i bought a blown up 2006 RMZ250 to come to find out it broke all four valves and one valve pushed halfway through the head and is permanently positioned there, piston is trashed, bent rod, and a few nicks in the cylinder. So to say the least, the head is trashed.

So i found a head from an 04 but upon some research i found it has a different part number. Riddle me this, the 04 has the same internals as the 06 (the valves, guides, seals.... basically everything is the same part number) the 04 and the 06 share the same cylinder (I know this because i have both out in the garage and they are identical), and they also share the same piston. The only thing that is different is the bare head part number. So why in the world would an 04 not fit an 06?? I think im just going to buy the head anyway because its a good enough price as where i could just resell it if it doesnt fit and could make some money.

I do not own a suzy ( I'm a YAMAHA guy doing a research), but, as you say, all the inthe internals on the head match, same on the cilinder, the the head might fit. sometimes all it takes is a slight diference on the parts ( diferent porting, slight diferent forging, or an oil hole drilled on another angle) to become a diferent part number. it might be possible that if you would order a stok '04 head from a dealer, it would be replaced for the '06.

that's my thought, but keep asking to make sure

04-06 were the same, part numbers may be diff cause they changed all the part numbers in 05 for some reason, but they are all the same parts. BTW I have an 05 so have some experience with this part number change.

Thanks guys. I ended up buying a head from an 06 KXF250. It was all brand new valves, springs, seals, fresh valve job. I ended up getting it for $400. Just waiting on some crank bearings so i can get it back together. The reason i didnt get the 04 head was because the guy said that the cams seized and scarred up the journals pretty good. Probably the reason he was giving it away for $80.

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