E or an S?

OK, I'm on the verge(for a while now) of getting a lo-mile 400 but am wondering if it pays to get the E (have a line on a titled one) and not hassel with an FCR adaption and also it'd have the hotter cams. OR, grab a like new S and live with it and then dump in $$ for the fcr(pipe, etc). I'm guessing I'd be 80% on road. What other advantages does wither model have?

I'd prefer to get the E, as long as it is street legal.

If you can title an E in your state easily, then go with the E.

can you make a E legal in NY?

thats your major deciding factor.

Is the E just a dirt bike with a plate ?

Or is it all ready fully set up as a dual sport ?

I'd say get the 'E' model, and if you still want to throw money at it, get a supermoto set up.

One other difference between the 'S' and 'E': the 'S' has a longer sub-frame for better luggage carrying ability, but the 'S' sub-frame can be bolted onto the 'E'.

Really depends on what you wan't the bike for but I sold my S model for an E and I am very happy with the purchase. Some things that seem like pluses for some are minuses for others. For instance, the last person to post likes the longer subframe for luggage, well I hated it because it kept getting all tweaked dropping the bike off-road. Again all this stuff can be changed but I still think you'll end up ahead starting with an E.

I am comfortable with my S offroad and i just wonder how much faster i would be on an E model. Get the E if you can put it on the street in your state.

If you can get a plated E, I'd say get the E. In CA, a title does not mean a plate, and you can't easily get a plate for an E, if it wasn't done years ago on the bike. I sold my E so I could get something that I could ride on road.

Yes I could have done a frame swap (at ~$500) or some other work around, but since mine was a kicker and I want to get a button, I decided to start over. Thought it would be fun. Hope it is. It depends on your state.

The E is not as clean as the mint cond, 300 mile S and it's 150 miles away v. 1 mile away. Both asking the same $$.

Does the E have a cush drive?

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Does the E have a cush drive?


So w/o knobbies on the street, it would get torn up fairly quickly..can't have it all, unless I get another ATK605! :bonk:

Nah, the S and SM don't have cush hubs either.

Man, those sprockets and chain must really be into S&M then...

cush is for klr650 owners lol

if i had to do it all over again i would have bought the E and plated it, which is no issue in AZ

E is better but you can get an S open the airbox, buy a carb from TT, then pick up a new can and powerbomb.... On second thought, just get an E.

Get an "S" and do some mods. It is a lot of fun and it is only money..........

So the votes are in: the e's have it by only 95%. The only quandry is that the KLX(with the plate to read 'EZ2BGRN') is clean as new, 383 smiles, and only .7 miles away. Has a K7N and fmf 4 tit. The E is from an orig owner and about 3+ hours away and looks used in the pics. I may even get a 1 month warranty from the dealer who's selling for a freind on the Cowasaki. Oy! too many choices nowadays.

I'm guessing I'd be 80% on road.

With 80% road use a primary consideration, I'd recommend the "mint condition" KLX. Plating an E model, which is what I did, does not make it the equivalent of a street bike, IMO. There are still lots of compromises.

Safe lighting is a primary concern. Sure, the Edge taillight looks cool and is light weight but it is not nearly as bright from every angle as the stocker. The E headlight is also not as bright as the S headlight, nor have I seen any aftermarket LED turn signals that are as visible or bright as the stockers.

E gearing is not going to work well if you run at highway speeds for long and the rim locks will cause the tires to vibrate excessively at highway speeds unless a careful balance job has been performed.

If you do choose the E, consider the cost of changing the gearing and tires (if it has non DOT knobs) if they are not appropriate for your street application.

Does the converted E have a speedometer?

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