Recently brought a 2008 DRZ400sm. The bike was bone stock. I ordered the James Dean Jet kit for the bike. After doing the 3x3 mod and stock pipe end cap cut-out and following the instructions from the kit, the install went well. At the same time while doing this I also replaced the fuel mixture screw. The bike cranked fine. Took the bike on a quick test ride and realized that the bike was stalling at take off and 1/4 turn of throttle. After the hesitation on the throttle the bike took off like a damn rocket! Bike is running good after 2nd gear and higher speeds. I am currently running this set-up. 150 Main and 25 Pilot Jet, and using BLUE clip running on3rd groove from top of the neddle. Fuel mixture is 2 1/2 turns out. The kit calls for a 155 Main jet for elev from sea to 4000. Should I be using the 155 instead of the 150?? Just FYI, I tired screwing the fuel mixture screw all the way in and bike boogs a little but doesn't cut out completly. I've checked the throttle cables already and there crisp to the touch. I commute daily on this bike and generally ride between 1000 to 4000 feet. Some cold mornings here in WNC and sometimes need the choke to start. Any Help or suggestions here would be awesome. Thanks in advance. Nate

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what elevation do you ride the bike the most?

Hey Eddie,

Average riding is done mostly around 2000 to 3000. Yesterday, I changed the clip to the 4th instead of the 3rd down and put the 155 main jet in. The throttle response got a lot better and bogging went away. Still a slight hesitation at take off. Still need your help and suggestions! Thanks in advance!

stock fuel screw?

No, replaced with the Keintech Fuel Screw. Sorry, hope this helps!THX

you need to use the stock 22.5 pilot jet.2.75 turns fuel screw.

Hey Eddie,

Thanks again for all your Help! I decided to go with a used Yoshi RS-3 SS Full Exhaust. Do I still need to switch my pilot out to the stock one. Ive been riding with the 25 pilot and it seems okay and really runs well between 45 - 85 mph. The full mixture screw is 2.75 turns out. Of course the exhaust really help open the bike up, now just some fine tuning! Thanks again in advance for your advice!!!

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