Pit bike race, Alma,NE pics (me)

It had been a while since I had raced my pit bike competitively but I was back in the area where I grew up cheering on my wife in her first race so I decided to race the pit bike class, just for fun. :bonk: Unfortunatly only 4 bikes showed up, Two Pitsters (X4 and LXR) and one KLX, so lets say I was a bit out classed on my 2005 SSR C4 "partster" 10 inch bike. Add to the fact that we were running the entire course with the mini open riders, which the Open Outlaw/450 "A" riders were turning 2:30 minute lap times. Long story short it was a looong race for us pitbikers. I had a hell of a lot of fun even knowing I was going to be dead last the moment the gate dropped. I am really sore today.












where is this located??? the track looks nice for my nephews!

Check the title. Track is built in a pasture just down the road from where I grew up. 3 main rules 1. wear a helmet 2. no trail riding, ride on motocross track only 3. keep the gate closed to keep the cows in. No fees, no waivers, no prep (except race days) just ride at your own risk.

Here is a "film" that I converted/digitised of that track about 15 years ago. Obviously it has changed a lot in that time.

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