Rod strength, XR650r

I've seen a few people mention the stock XR rod is on the weak side. I've seen a couple pictures of rod failures but they could be due to various things.

Can anyone comment? - I have a winter project and will be pushing a bit more power through the stock rod. I could upgrade but I'm trying to find the point I say "good enough".

what i know is not the actual rod being weak but the rod bearing is the weak part of the setup. the cage comes apart with no warnings and bearings go WEEEE all over inside of engine

LOL, yes WEEEEE all over inside the engine.

Is this a stock bearing feature than can be fixed with a bearing change?

What bearing to use then?

I'm about to change mine this winter. But I can't find what bearing to use..

Mine went bad on me. Brass bits through out the motor. The thrust washers were toast. I got a Prox kit from XR's only that is supposedly much better. Haven't got it back together yet though so I can't tell ya how it will work.

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