$5,400 engine mod package!?


I saw this the other day and wondered how many people really spend that much money to mod a motor. They are claiming 43-44 hp for the YZ250F with their full package, which is pretty impressive, but who knows how their dyno reads. I would rather see stock compared to mod dyno charts. I wonder how this compares to an engine package you could get from Jesse Williams for about 1/5 the cost.

i bet half (or close to it) is the labor.

if you are splitting the cases and tumbling the gearsets they all must be taken apart and then put back together.

as in all racing: how fast you want to go depends on how much you are willing to spend!

All that for a whopping 10hp? I got 10 HP at the wheels from Jesse for the cost of a simple port job and 290cc kit. So 1/5th of the cost.

Micro-polishing the transmission is $225, we do that in-house. As a matter of fact I can guarantee we do more in-house than almost anyone.. you name it.. we do it in-house.

I've posted 41HP YZF's that run on pump gas that are very attainable by the average joe without breaking the bank.

I've never posted my 43HP package... but I have one.. I think. My own personal bike that I have to get the time to throw it on the dyno.

I would put money down that no one builds a faster YZF250 than me. More than once I've had customers bring me 44HP bikes that were so excited to see on the dyno.... ended up being 39.5HP

44HP seems to be the new buzzword. I'll dyno anyones bike for FREE under one circumstance. If it makes over 42HP (I'm not even going to say 44hp, that will never happen) it will be no charge. If it makes less than 42HP you pay the bill.

I never lie on numbers, because people actually do dyno the bikes... and my claims have always been backed up by what they saw. If you paid that much and never saw the gains what would you do?

what happened 90% rider 10% bike rule?

Just $225 for micropolishing!!!!! WOAH! Jesse, say hello to my bottom end this winter haha

Just $225 for micropolishing!!!!! WOAH! Jesse, say hello to my bottom end this winter haha

that is a nice price to have your hiney done shiney.

i love my motor that jesse did. now if he would only fix the rider!

I will openly admit I send much of my machine work and such to jesse. I wish I could do it in house...but let me tell you, machines cost a heck of a lot of money! I do basic lathe stuff...and am extremely proficient in 3d CAD....so I do have some local CNC shops do products of mine...

but when it comes to carb machining, valve seat installation/performance valve seat cuts...crank rebuilding...and trans polshing, jesse is the man!

I just had a transmission done by him for a supermini I built...and it comes back shiny! The bike shifts so well now that the rider was having problems at first because he didn't know when it shifted! I am actually going to try to put a stiffer spring arrangment in the shift shaft to give more "feedback" so to speak. His carb machining is incredible...not only in the machine work, but often he does some hand blending that is just phenominal.

So my hat's off to Jesse for some incredible work.

What does a stock 05 YZ250F put out for power?

What does a stock 06 YZ450F put out for power?

I am just trying to get a comparison to the 43hp setup. I would definatley be interested in a 290kit with some porting work if it will not kill the bank to much!:bonk::lol::bonk::bonk::bonk:

On the Dyno I used, my 04 stock was 26hp at the wheel. With Williamsmotowerx porting and 290cc kit I had around 36hp at the wheel. Dyno runs with the works will come next spring :bonk:

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