Yz 465 1981 will not idle

Bike starts and runs. Let it warm up after starting. Went to adjust the idle. Intent was to turn the idle up and then set the pilot air adusting screw. No matter how far I turned in the idle screw it made no difference. I could hold the throttle and keep it running with no problem. Did not have to blip it at all to keep it running.

When turning the air screw in from 1 1/2 turns it would bog a just under 1 turn out. I backed it out to about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 turns for the best throttle response. Still it made no difference on the idle screw. I had it all the way in and it would still die if I let it go. Im puzzled. Any help ?



On any old two stroke an air leak at the crank seal(s) are the likely culprit for this kind of problem.

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