Side to side slack in shock clevis on bolt.

OK I have this friend. He was greasing his linkage a few weeks back and evidently he put his spacers and dust seals for the shock clevis back on incorrectly.

He tends to not read the manual when he should. So anyhow my friends shock was set up in a way that allowed the shock to move side to side a total of about 1/2 inch or so.

His bike did seem to handle OK but this guy isnt the best tester out there.

When HE was putting his shock back together yesterday after having it serviced he noticed the side to side play of the clevis on the bolt.

So he checked the manual and fixed the problem.

What he is wondering is how badly would the shock be effected by not always being in line, top to bottom, due to the hock clevis being half an inch or so to the left or right?

Remember this is just some guy I know I don't really even like him but we really are curious how bad my shock might have been working.

I dont think it would improve the action of the shock, but i expect in use it would find its natural centre most of the time and work as you would expect.

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