1983 yamaha tt600 engine teardown advice

Hello, I am 17 and have been doing general maintenance and repair on my dirtbikes for my whole life...i have done topend rebuilds on all my two stroke bikes, but now i was wondering if anyone would give me some info on my tt 600 job i am considering attempting...the engine runs great but the case is broken where the kick shaft bolts on so i bought a new case and was wondering the magnitude and complexity of tearing down the engine and swappiing the cases...also could i get away with just replacing the broken half or do i have to do both..Please let me know your thought on this and let me know any info possible including websites, past experience or anything else..thanks a lot in advance

I just tore mine down and the cases are a matched set. Can't swap 1/2 cases. You bought a new OEM one??

It's not too difficult, you just have to remember how everything goes together and it what order. Get a clymer manual.

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