klx110 motor

I've decided to build a 110 from the ground up as a little project. I've got mostly everything figured out I just don't know which motor to buy.

I've been looking at a few sites and can't figure out whether the motor is for a 110 or a 50. The motors that I'm interested in are the GPX/YX ones. From the looks of it though, their 150/160cc motors have mounts a 50 frame instead of a 110.

Any tips?

there all fit crf50 / crf70 / xr50/70 z50

none of them fit klx110

What motor should I use then for a mid-size build? I already have a 50 :bonk:

theres a few good choices

ZS155cc (pitster pro)


are the largest

we also like YX140 and YX150cc daytona Type

all the engines we offer have limited warrenty and we can set you up with the accessories like cables , carbs electrical to suit your needs

Thanks. I'll check them out :bonk:

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