Want more power everywhere? (xr100)

If you already have a 120cc kit or bigger then you might want to try a Kitaco 26mm carb. I'm thinking maybe for the trailbikes 132cc kit, but it was night and day difference on my 145cc powroll stroker. Much better throttle response, power, and best of all it mad rev much better. It's pretty expensive at about $260, but if you're looking for that power it might be worth a shot. Yes I sound like a salesman, but I'm not making any money off it and I kind of hate Kitaco stuff, but I like this carb. It really works better than the Keihen.

I think that anything more than 24mm on a 120 motor really moves the power band up to high and does not allow the motor to make good power in the rpm range that you actually ride. I have been running stock carbs and 24s on our 120 motors for years and when you run them back to back your really feel how the power band moves to the top range with the larger carb.

Of course on a well built 132 or 145 motor the 26mm carb would really shine.

While that is true for the Kiehin carbs, my point was the kitaco carb by far out performs the Keihin carbs for these little motors. This is probably the reason all the KLX110 race motors use them. Believe me I could not believe the difference. One thing is on my conversion the airbox is much bigger and my intake is much straighter than stock, plus my pipe is a 4-step meg. This could make a big difference over a stock bike, but my buddies are running them are their race XR75's with great results. As far as usable power, like I said from bottom to the top.

Isn't the Kitaco 26mm carb, just a VM 26?

Whats the big difference between the two? Besides, $150 in price...

Isn't the Kitaco 26mm carb, just a VM 26?

Whats the big difference between the two? Besides, $150 in price...

Yes and no. The VM26 is a YZ80 2 stroke carb and if you try run as is, you will never get it to run 100%. The difference is the nozzle, which is only available in Japan and Kitaco did some research on the nozzle to get one that works with 4-stroke. I ran a $50 mikuni VM26 from Sudco and it basically ran like crap. I gave it away. I had a few friends research it and the only fix for a VM is that part from Japan. We tried to get Sudco to import some but no go.

The Mikuni Model # VM26-606 for 4 strokes and the VM26-8074 for 2 strokes.

The VM26-606 comes stock with a 190 mj, 22.5 pj, 5E75 needle, 332 O-0 needle jet set up for mini 4 Strokes. For about $100

I'm considering give,n it a try. It's on my Christmas list, lol

Along with shock flip/air box mod, ala DMC style

Curious how close the stock VM26-606 jetting^^^ is to your stock Kitaco carb?

My friend has a 606 carb with the 190 main and the kitaco carb, he's haveing trouble getting the 606 carb dialed.

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