2008 YZ 85 Jetting

Hey all, I just bought my son a brand new 2008 YZ85. We just spent the weekend breaking it in. So now the fun begins. It is obviously jetted for sea level. I am in Utah and the elevation is 4500 feet. So yea I need to lean this out. And yes it is extremely ritch. Has anyone out there done this at this elevation and what did you end up going with? Owner manual say mix the gas at 30 to 1 that still sems quite ritch. BTW what is the factory jets owner manual doesn't say. Thanks in advance.

My son has the same bike. It was always fouling plugs. We canged the pilot to a 42, stock is 45. We also changed the main from a 138 stock to a 135. I always run 32:1 ratio for fuel. It has not fouled a plug sense. Our elevation is 3600 ft.

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