Will needle bearings from a non Honda bike fit my CRF?

Hi, I am in urgent need to fix my linkage and one of the item I need is on back order here at my local dealer and will not arrive for at least another week. Perhaps more.

It is one of the two needle bearings where the linkage connects to the dogbones.

I browsed around the part diagrams here in Thumpertalk and noticed that the Kawasaki bikes have a nearly identical linkage to that of the Hondas.

So will a needle bearing from a KXF fit my CRF ?

Here is an image for comparison:


In red is the item I need, in green is the Kawasaki equivalent.

So what do you guys think ?

Personally, I would suggest that you post a thread on the KXF forum and ask them the dimensions of the needle bearings. Who knows, you might get lucky.

Best of luck. :bonk:

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