07 wr450 problem

The bike was built expecting the free mods to be done. That is why they're so easy to do :bonk:

I totaly agree, If you do the mod's--grey wire, fuel screw, ais, 0-ring, set the AP Timing, add a slip-on pipe and jet it correctly it's a whole new bike.

I thought the free mods only applied to U.S. bikes? Isn't this guy in Australia? Did they come corked up down under?

I am down undah! I belive they did come "corked up" as you put it.

My friend did his wr250 and it went like stink, so much so it threw him off and he smashed his leg first ride out!!!!

I will have to have a look at these mods and see if I can pull them off.

Do I need to do em all or just some.

I have removed the pea shooter and put a 175 main in it already, do i need to do more?

This site is a real help, thanks again to you all for you wise words.


Ok mate. Never experienced this problem. But every bike i buy, I always put an inline filter in between the tank and carb then you can rule out the possibility of any foreign particles. Its not so bad with the plastic tanks of the WRs, but in the past iv had older bikes with steel tanks, n rust has got through. Stick a filter in, only a couple of quid!

sorry, dont know what happened. wrong thread

stick a inline filter inbetween the tank and carb

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