Taller handle bars?

Hey guys!

I am 6'-4" tall and am starting to develop a serious problem with the way my bike is laid out. :) As my skills increase, I find the seat-tank junction to be very uncomfortable. Also, the handle bars seem to be way too low. I know there is a YZ seat-tank kit you can buy and put on the WR which I think would help my situation greatly, but I would like to try taller handle bars first. Is there a kit that will allow me to raise the handle bars a few inches, and push them forward at the same time?


Renthal Jimmy Buttons..........Highly recommend.Great for us above average folks. :)

The most extreme position you can move your bars up and forward (that I know of) is with Thumper Racing Goliath Bar mounts. They move them 1.5" up and 1.5" fwd.

Heres a pic of them on my bike. I made a HUGE diffence in the handleing charatersitics for me. (Im 6'7")


I've got an ims 3.4 gallon tank that I could sell ya for cheap! It looks like new. Let me know if you're interested at onefastctd@hotmail.com Those bar mounts look like exactly what I want!!! I'm 6'4" also. Thumper racing's site is down. Where could those be purchased, and how much are they? thanks

Chris :)

wow those mounts are big. try lowering your pegs. there is a mod that is on the site you can search for. it helps alot. you are soo tall you could do a higher seat. i am 6,2 and tried a high see but went back to stock yz. i also have cr double high bars and +10 taller risers.


Anyone have ideas for better levers for big feet? I am always catching the levers with my boots, and shifting when I don't want to. I've been toying with the idea of extending them. :D

Chris :)

I can't find the Goliath bars on thumper racing. I looked all over several times and still no luck. I did find the Renthal Jimmy Button bars. Will those be tall enough? Also, what about all my cables? Will I need to lengthen everything?

Thanks for all the help guys! I am getting excited to finally get this resolved.


Yea, thumpers website has to be the worst aftermarket website out there.

Let me look around and see what I can find and I'll get back. I got mine from my dealer.

Ok, here ya go.

I found them on www.bajadesigns.com


Click the link above then,

click "Motorcycle store"

then "Controls"

then "Handlebars"

then scoll down a bit and you will see it.

Click on it and they list them for several applications.

They are avialable in 1" and 1.5" (what I have).

2 things first though..

Your cables should have just enough room (mine did), if not then I know Thumper Racing makes custom cales. (they are expensive if I remember right)

Also, your triple clamp has to be a aftermarket (not stock) so you can remove the bar mounts and put these on. Also I believe you can get them for Std bars or Oversize bars (ProTapers). I went with ProTapers :)

Although, I dont see on thier website where you select between the ProTaper or the Std mounts. You might want to e-mail them and ask. (Or call them if you want a faster response)

Thanks for the link. I guess now I just have to decide if I want to replace the triple clamp and put the taller mounts on, or just replace the handle bar, or both.?

Are my mounts welded to the stock clamp? I don't have access to my bike right now so I can't check. Is there any way to make it work without new clamps?

I wouldnt think there is any way to make it work with stock triple clamps. I see you have a 2002 bike so I'm not 100% sure your bar mounts are'nt removeable but Im fairly certain they are not. Mine bike is a 99 so they could have improved the TC since then.

Check the "for sale" forum for aftermarket TC's. Seems like they pop up on there all the time. good luck! :)


I checked and you are right. The lower part of the mount and the clamp is all one piece. :) Oh well, I guess I now have an excuse to buy new triple clamps! :D

Thanks again for the help :D

Nope, '02 in no different. They also have cast in bar mounts.

And I wanna know when Yamaha is gonna step up and do something about that? :)

They need to make all their stock TC's with removable bar mounts so us taller rider can adjust easier.

I wonder if they know that everyone is not 5'8"... :D

On top of all that Baja Design said that the larger riser is on back order indefinately. So I guess it's either new top triple clamp, riser, and bar, or just a taller bar. For cost reasons I am going to just get the bar, and do the footpeg mod tonight. Hope this puts me in the right position. :)

Here's one way to do it: bar_mount_riser.jpg

How can I do that?? I just purchased a new set of Renthal Jimmy Button bars, but would like to do exactly what you did also. :)

Those black things under the handlebar are just a set of upside-down handlebar pinch clamps. I had an extra set off a trashed top triple clamp from an old XR250. Then get some longer pinch bolts and you're done. It raises the handlebars about 5/8".

Thinking outside the box...nice! The idea of doing this actually crossed my mind today, but being that I am a novice rider I dismissed it and and asked for advice. It looks like you have had no problems from the picture, I think I'll give it a go. :)


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