Taller handle bars?

I like the idea Rich. Very nice.

That gets you up but not fwd.

But hey! Thats better than nothing! :)

If you go with fat bars, you can get the adaptor kit that allows you to mount them on the stock one piece clamp. The kit will raise your bars about 3/4". Look for Cr-hi bends. THe jimmy button bend is the same as Renthal CR-HI (722). They are taller from the clamp surface to the top bend. that way you don't have to rotate your bars too far forward. I'm not quite as tall as you, but, I like tall bars. I've ridden bikes with the fat bar adaptors and they were too tall. There are several companies that make top clamps that adjust forward for more room. On most aftermarket Triple clamps, you can rotate the bar clamps 180 for more room. :)

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