Need some advice. Yz250f, yz450f, or yz250?

Hello! I'm looking into a new bike because i just sold mine. My old bike was a ttr125L. So i need some help on what bike to choose next, a yz250f, yz450f or a yz250 2 stroke. I have ridden all 3 of these bikes, but i loved all of them. But i like to ride trails, jumps, tracks, well lets just say i like to do everything on a bike, but i mostly like to jump, and race my buddies at our little track we made. But do you think the yz450f would be too much for mme? Im only 14 years old. Or maybe even a 250f or a 250 2 stroke. I just want to get a bike that i can have for like 5 or 6 years without having to get a bike every year because i want more power.Also, i would like something thats going to be reliable too.

thanks! Sorry for the long post! All comments appreciated, and i will try to reply back as fast as i could!

Hello! I am currently looking for a new bike because i sold my ttr125l. Anyway, I need some help on choosing a new bike, the bikes im looking at are the yz250f, yz450f, or the yz250 2 stroke. I have ridden all 3 three of these bikes and i have enjoyed them! But im only 14 years old. But i just dont want to get a bike then like 2 years later i will want a bike thats got more power. I want a bike thats gona last me for like 4 to 7 years.

With all three bikes, you are comparing oranges to apples.

They are all reliable if well maintained.

Shoot for 2 years, not 4-7. I've been riding along time, and planning 4-7 years ahead is like predicting the weather.

Good luck in your research and choice. How about a YZ125 for a year or so? It will blow the doors off the tt thing, and give you some valueable lessons in momentum, and throttle control. And they are relatively cheap.

If you want 'flickability' for your "little track" go for the 250...If you want a smooth powerband get the thumper, if you can ride pretty wide open and at the top end of the gears, and want less maintenance worries, go for the 2 stroke...If you go on long trail rides with buddies that have 4 strokes, the 2 stroke will run out of gas before theirs, and you can't borrow their gas...

If you think you're ready for the power, go for the 450...

Just my 2cents...

And man, if you have access to trying all three, just choose the one you feel most comfortable with...And at 14, don't try to beat your chest and go right to the 450...Your skills will advance better if you start with the 250 and step up to the 450 in a few years after you've mastered the 250 and crave more power...

you are 2 small for a 450 but then again your are probebly to small for a 250f or 2t.

id get a 125 2t or 250f max.

you are 2 small for a 450 but then again your are probebly to small for a 250f or 2t.

When my son was 14, he was riding a YZ250F, and beating up guys on 450's left and right. A YZ250F won't go 6 years without a rebuild, but it's one of the best platforms a young rider could possibly learn on, bar none.


When my son was 14, he was riding a YZ250F, and beating up guys on 450's left and right. A YZ250F won't go 6 years without a rebuild, but it's one of the best platforms a young rider could possibly learn on, bar none.

this why i sed probebly. it depend what you want to make out of it.

a 250 racing bike is somtimes overqualified when your are 14.

Buy a newer 250 2 stroke and clean the filter. Change the piston and ring once a season (depending on how much you ride) and go ride. You didn't say how big you are or what kind of ride, assuming you are coming off a tt I am going to guess you are a lower caliber rider if that is the only experience you have riding. I am not knocking you, but 14 and on a tt tells me you may know what you are doing but you are green. The difference in all of thos bikes is huge, even going from a tt to a YZ 125 is a big jump.

Unless you are 6'0" 180lbs and strong as a ape, stay away from the 450 as being shy on experience, small and not a fricking gorilla on a 450 has the makings for some bad experiences and a bit of down time with all the injuries.

The 250f will need more maintenace, it is a good bike, but not for someone that does not want to spend a bit of money keeping it maintained (especially for 6 yrs or so on a bike that is likely going to be used to begin with). any of the 250 would be a great bike, but they are going to cost you more in the long run and if you have to make the choice between putting a new piston in the bike and not putting one in based on not having cash to spend, it will not work out well for you.

The 450 will require a bit less maintenance (still requires a bit) but it will bit you in the me on that. They are not a kind bike, especially for someone that does not have perfect throttle control (whiskey throttle).

The 250 2 stroke has a bit of bite to it, but if you learn how to ride it, it will give you the most return for your time and money. it will be a little much for you for the first year or so, but it will not be as bad as trying to ride a 450 and will not hurt your wallet like the 250f's will. The 250f's will require the most maintenance and if you don't do it, you will be selling a basket case to someone in a couple years cause they will implode.

a 250 racing bike is somtimes overqualified when your are 14.

A 250 2-stroke would be, but a 250F is totally different. They have the full sized feel and suspension of a 250 or 450F, but the engine has a character that takes the challenge of power management almost completely off the table. The young rider will not have to learn how to either keep a peaky 125 on it's one inch wide power band, nor keep the ferocity of a 450 under control. He can focus on handling the bike and managing speed instead. Buying one for my son at that age was absolutely one of the smartest things I ever did.

would a 250 2 stroke keep up with a 250f? Also, is ti lighter, and maybe will it keep up with a 450f?

A 250 two stroke will totally whoop a 250F. I believe it has like a 10 HP advantage, and is the same weight...

250f for what your talking about

I say a YZ125 it will teach you or allow you to learn things you can't learn on any of the above mentioned 3.

i just want a 450f is because i like the power, and i know if i get a 250f, i will grow out of it in a year, I do pretty well on my buddy's 250f, but on the 450f, couldnt i just put a flywheel weight on it to tame the power down until i get used to it? Or should i go with the 250f, or 250 2 stroke?

How big are you (height) and what do you weigh? I'm 5'-9" 165 lbs, and I'm 31, been riding since I'm 8, and I just got a 450F...I'll tell you this, the 450 is a handful! I say with your riding experience and age a 125 or a 250F would be plenty...a 250 2 stroke would probably really be pushing it. If your coming off a TT-R125 even the 125 will feel like a rocket. My wifes sister has a TT-R125, and my old YZ125 had easily 4 times the power, and weighs just a tad more...

Taking into account your original post and what you intend to use the bike and how long you plan to keep it, I'd say get a 2006 or newer YZ250 two stroke. Lots of replacement parts that won't break the bank, maintenance (new top end) is relatively inexpensive and not that difficult to do. The bike can be made to run quietly yet still produce great power in a lightweight package.

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