Big bubbles in graphics

Anyone have any trouble with bubbles forming near the leading edge of the graphics on gastank? Just formed two days ago, never spilled gas on them (yet). But I did use Son-of-a-gun on the tank, sideplates and fenders to help keep from fading and mud sticking. What can I do? :)

Ronnie Mac,

It's unfortunate but I'd be hard pressed to think of one of my riding buddies who's got a WR where the stock tank graphics lasted more than six months. I've heard it's a combination of the thin material Yamaha uses for the graphics and the extremely porous nature of the tank itself.

Unfortunately you'll probably find it get's worse as it gets hotter out.

Best success I've had is to replace with an aftermarket graphic. Even then, you're probably going to find they bubble a bit. A lot of folks end up running without tank graphics at all.

Cheap graphics aside. You'll love your new ride! :)

Youve got 2 options on your tank graphics:

Put new ones on evey three rides


peel them off and forget about it. :)

I recommend you peel them off and just ride blue. I have no decals left on my WR450. I get so many people thinking my bike is a wr250, wr426 or wr400. They look the same to a non Yamaha enthusiast. If you have to have decals keep them off the tank. :)

Thanks guys :D:):D

Use brake cleaner and a fresh rag to wipe down the tank first. Then apply new decals, my FMF decal has been on for 3yrs. now and no problems. :)

OASIS is this someting you came up with on your own, or is this something you seen then tried?

I've got a 00 yz 426 with the stock graphics still on it. I've never had a problem with bubbles, and they've held up quite will. Just poke the bubbles with a pin and squeeze all the air out. My stock graphics have little slits cut in them to prevent bubbles. :) Do the new bikes not have this? :D

Chris :D

Been doing that trick for years, never has let me down yet.The brake cleaner washes off any contaminates that might hinder the decal from sticking to the tank. Yes, your tank still has to breathe thats why the decal has the holes.

Do not use rubbing compound, it makes a surface friction and you stand a chance of blowing youself up! If any bubbles do form, just take a razer knife and make a small slit and push the air out. :)

Thanks Oasis, once the graphics go to hell and buy new ones I will give it a try :D Still a big bummer :)

watup with the chicken and gravy...your makin me hungry....

i bought a set of n-style tank stickers and they come with a million holes pre punched in them..the holes let out the vapors.i have had mine on for 6 months with no problems at all.

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