400f to 426f changes, parts swap

What changes were made when the bike went to 426cc, are most parts enterchangable, looks like only the cc's changed. I have a 99 400 and I am looking for parts on e-bay. thanks for any info.

im pretty sure that the crank, cylinder, and head can be used on your 400 to basically make it a 426.

Axles and wheel hubs, exhaust (for the better). Older axles are smaller and it takes some work to get them to fit. 426 exhaust systems will fit, the pipe drops away from the oil filter bolts so that you don't need to remove the header to change the oil. I don't know much more, I am sure that someone else will chime in soon.

crank webs are the same but the con rod is different for the 426 - wristpin hole is 1mm bigger, the remainder (cylinder/piston/head) will bolt right up.

You can use the 400 head even if going 426 on the cylinder/piston since it's the same.

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