650R dumping fuel from overflow today!

I was wondering if anyone else out there has had a problem with the fuel petcock internal rubber grommet falling apart and finding part of itself lodged between the fuel inlet and float needle valve?

Today, I was riding and noticed fuel pouring from the overflow tube. I pull over, turned of the petcock, and it still continued to spill out.

I called a friend of mine to come pick me and my bike up, and after getting home, I took the carb off, knowing the needle valve was obviously stuck wide open for some reason. What I found was a small piece of rubber, lodged between the needle valve and it's seat. That seemed odd, and also since the petcock would not turn off, I thought something was up. I took off the petcock, and the rubber flow control grommet had a chunk missing from it! Aha! That chunk was what caused the problem. I will be ordering a new petcock this week, since Honda doesn't offer just the rubber part (that sux). Anyway, has anyone had this happen before? it's new to me. I've had O-rings in the petcock fail and leak from the petcock itself (in previous bikes I've had), but never something like this. I guess it was just a faulty part to begin with.

Kinda sucks, because this break-down forced me to ride my old '83 Suzuki DR500 for the rest of the evening, and it's not exactly "state of the art".


Just like what we found in Kevin's Carb. this past weekend. Had he installed a little $2.95 In-line fuel filter on his XR, that little pice of crap wouldn't have lodged itself in the float valve, letting fuel run out his overflow. Cheap insurance, and no more junk in the carb! He's going to get one now.

Good luck finding a place to mount a inline filter on the 650R.

cool, so someone else had experienced this before! That petcock really seems quite cheaply made. I ordered one today and those run about 45 bucks!! What a rip! Oh well.

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