yz426F Question

can someone help me out i heard that yz250f graphics can fit on a yz426f is that true?

It all depends on the year of the bike - 1998 to 2002 YZ400 and 426 are identical, as well as YZ250F's from 2001 to 2002.

2003 got a make over for both bikes - but again - both bikes share the plastics for the model year.

what he said^^^ The plastic for the 99-2002 400/426 is the same for the 01-02 250. the 03-05 are the same with the 06 up being different yet again.

my 426 is a 2000

my 426 is a 2000

Then you can use graphics from an 01-02 250F, a 98-99 400F or an 00-02 426F.

ok thanks

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