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If you are having a problem starting your 426 or mabee and stalling out when going around low rpm obstacles, mabee you should try what I have found to be a shure fix. 1. Change the fuel mixture to 2 turns out. 2. Change the pilot jet to 48 and main jet to 165. The bike comes from the factory to LEAN -I got these mods from Stroker Speed.) 3. Install a 12 oz. flywheel weight from Terrycable.

There is not way you can imagine the difference this will make in the rideability of this bike. It starts on the first kick every time. You can put it in second gear and simply idle around trees ect... . It does not reduce the snap more than just a fraction and you will not believe the traction increace. 4. Order a kick stand from Baja designs. There will be times when you are tired and need to just put the stand down and fire that pup right up. I ride the over 40 hare scrambles and need all the help I can get. Living in Texas , this jetting works great and I hope some of you our there riding the wild thing will be albe to benifit from my research. Oh yeah , one last thing , order a tall seat foam from baja. Your seat cover will work with the taller foam if you work with it. Touching the ground will not be quite as easy but your butt will thank you.

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