New pipe, need a heat guard.

I intalled a new Jardine RT-5 full exhaust on my 08 450 last night, and it looks awesome, but I'm almost certain that the header will melt my over the boot pants. Is there any companied that make a nice looking, universal heat guard? I need one that is probably no longer than 10cm due to the shape of the header (it has a slight kink in the design compared to the flowing DR. D system). Also, the bike started up a little harder than notmal when I installed the pipe, so I assume it's going to need jetting changes?! Although once I got it started it ran great, with just some slight popping on decel. I ride at 1500- 5000 ft elevation...anyone have any recomendations?

Are you looking for something like this?

As for jetting, it sounds like you need to richen the fuel screw, or go up on the pilot jet if your fuel screw is already out pretty far.

Yeah, that guard is nice, but I think it's 8 inches long, which might be too long for the area I'm looking to cover. The carb has never been touched, but I am getting a adjustable fuel screw for the bike...a Merge one, hopefully that helps.

Anyone else have any recommendations? If not I will probably go with the Moose unit...

You can see if a buddy or a buddy of a buddy has a factory Honda one they just strap on with hose clamps. I had one on my 04 450 with an aftermarket header it worked fine.

:lol:Man I was going to say check out E-line,

But I checked there first and they want $70

for a 6" CF guard! :bonk:

Search on here there's a few "how to make your own carbon fiber parts" threads...Would be an easy one to make yourself...

I used fiberglass exhaust wrap

Hmmm...I'm not really keen on the wrap...I want it to look nice. The RT-5 exhaust I got has a carbon fiber end cap, so I was hoping I could find something to match.

get some exhaust heat wrap! Sure it doesn't look as cool as a guard but it serves its purpose. Also it's cheap and you just throw the old one off a couple of rides and wrap up a new one.

:bonk: I think it looks cool .... Not ugly ...

Any pics? All I've ever seen is the white stuff...does it come in other colors, like blue, or black?

White would be ugly, so don't buy it. Mine came gray and I sprayed it with high temp exhaust wrap paint to waterproof it which turned it black. You can also get titanium wrap. More expensive but it looks like... CARBON FIBER!!!! Also has a higher temp tolerance than fiberglass based.,27216.html#

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