Oh flaming poo

I installed my Jet kit yesterday only to find one already in it. So I just removed the snorkel. Should have open her up first. :) Oh well, now I have a question. I have the needle third down from the top per instructions, 160 main, and the pilot at 2.5 turns out. I am having a stumble in the low to mid area. Any comments? The bike does still have the stock exhaust right now. Want a "Q" bad hate the sound of the stock sputterer. Anyone have some good advise?? Oh Anyone want to buy a Needle and spring? Oh also an extra 160 main jet? CHEAP!

Iowa is low altitude right? If it's below 1000' then run the 175 main jet, not the 160. Follow these steps and the bike should run right. But you didn't mention if it's sputtering upon whacking the throttle open suddenly or not? Or just rolling it on quickly? This bike doesn't have an accelerator pump, so whacking it quick will make it sputter if you're at low rpms. That's just normal operation with a standard carb. Anyway, here's the rundown for properly uncorking the bike:

1) remove the airbox snorkel AND the baffle plate

2) replace the intake boot with the 40mm unit

3) replace the exhaust tip with the 40mm unit.

4) use the 175 main jet

5) set the competition jet needle to 3rd clip position, OR,

set the stock needle to 4th position.

6) Pilot jet remains stock

7) air screw setting remains stock

I don't know the particulars about your bike though, such as, is the air filter clean, is the engine in good shape, have any cam changes been made, is the plug in good shape, and is it the stock plug? Use the stock plug. Use premium fuel. Don't run the bike with the choke on, make sure it's off when it's warmed up. Has anyone messed with the float level? Make sure it's within specs. Set the air screw to stock specs. Make sure the carb is clean. No loose jets. There are many factors that could cause your problem, but I hope something here helps you out.


175 pretty big with stock exhaust isn't it? The bike has about 2400 miles on it and I just cleaned the air filter. I have not heard of a 40mm intake boot or a 40mm exhaust tip. Are we still talking about a "L" model? The stumble happens when the throttle is rolled on just past the idle circut which leads me to believe it's the needle position. I may be wrong though. I have only limited experience with the XR. My DR runs great, I'm just trying to get the XR to run the same. Thanks for the first response, it's always nice to hear from folks with far more experience than myself. :)

Whoops! My bad! Didn't notice he was talking about an "L".. sorry about that. I don't have a clue about the "L" version.

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