How to tell what chain I have?

I'm doing some maintenance on my '07 WR450 and want to remove and clean the chain good. The chain on it is a DID with a rivit master link, & I want to swap it over to a clip style, how can I tell what type chain I have so I can order a clip master link. I get confused with all the 520, 525, etc. Is there numbers on it or do I have to measure it or what?



Your bike came with a DID 520VM chain.

That's a good chain, too. :bonk:

Yep. That's what my '08 came with. You can punch out the peened mlink and replace it with a DID 520 X-RING master link.

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Perfect! Thanks guys. I cleaned it up good and looked on the back side and it did say 520. I never messed with a chain before so I asked, thanks for your help!!


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