WR450F vs KDX220r

I used to have a kdx and now I have a yz250f. To me, the 250f has way more power everywhere including low end power. The stock kdx 220 only has about 28 hp, a stock 250f probably has 30. Just saying this because a 250f is more comparable to a 220 than a 450 is.

I would stay far away from a kdx if I were you. I'm only 160 lbs and not a good rider and the forks were still too soft.

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"I would stay far away from a kdx if I were you. I'm only 160 lbs and not a good rider and the forks were still too soft. "

Fork springs cost about $50.00 U.S., a good exhaust pipe such as an FMF costs about 160.00. That's all you need to have a great little bike. You said you weren't a good rider, I guess you're not much of a wrench either. :D

I recently saw a KDX220 on factory sale for $4200, a YZ250f generally goes for about $5500, then side stand for 75.00, spark arrestor and silent insert for 160.00 etc.

Yep, the Yzf is a better bike for an experienced, wealthier rider - I have one - but the KDX is a sweet package. Why do I harp on this? I've ridden and raced KDX's for about 15 years - and have never had a major failure of any sort, never DNF'd, alway finished in top 10% of class, and had fun doing it. Never had to worry about changing oil every 2 hrs, and changed the spark plug about once a year just for drill. I guess the bike kind of grew on me :)

Just a little correction. The WR does not put out 55hp, :) It is really about 44hp and the YZ450f in stock form is around 48 hp. :D

I assume that you're talking about uncorked wr hp. After that, the only difference is the cam. Is the cam alone really worth 4 hp? :D

Chris :)

Those dyno numbers for the WR450 were with the GYTR Exhaust insert and the Grey wire still plugged in. Yes the cam can very easily make a 4 hp difference but there is also the issue that the YZ has a different exhaust muffler that is freer breathing.

Where can I get a "GYTR Exhaust insert"? Thanks :)

The only place I know of is from your local Yamaha Dealer. They will most likely have to order it for you. The FMF Q is just as quiet as the WR muffler with the insert but about 3 lbs lighter. Maybe you might want to consider that instead.

the 220 has more power up top but i think there close to torque in all rpm ranges of the powerband.The 2 stroke always makes double the power than a 4 stroke.I would say that the 220 has has more top end but the 450 probably has bottom end grunt and than just dies out up top.Also the 220 with a pipe and and silencer are a good combo that would concentrate more on bottom end than topend but not loose anything but exept add something to the top.I have an 05 kdx220R with some heavy mods that i did over this past summer of 07.I threw on a boyesen rad valve kit,k&n airfilter,modified airbox,rejetted carb,fmf gnarly desert exhaust system, and a powercore 2 silencer.These mods added a hell of alot of horsepower from bottom to top.On a spec sheet they say that the 220's horsepower to the mtor is 37 bone stock.With these mods im probably pushin a good 42 - 45 horse.This bike goes like sting man i gave it wider gear ratio by putting a 15t front and 45t on the rear end of the sprocket.This thing has amazing topend if i were you buddy i would go with the 220 u cant go wrong with it plus with the mods u put on it helps u alot im tellin u its a differnce.bang for the buck

Why are you resurrecting a nearly 5 year old thread? Just curious :banghead:...SC

A good rider on a WR 450 will not have any trouble keeping up with a KDX in any terrain... I rode many times this summer in tight technical terrain with KDX 220's and KTM 300's and never had any trouble keeping up or staying ahead...if your a little guy or not a strong guy the K-D-Lady is a great bike....lol


Trying to remember what I was doing in April of 03? And when the power of my 450 just dies up top I'll let ya know.

And when the power of my 450 just dies up top I'll let ya know.

hahaha. For sure!

I was watching this HD movie on the Rush channel about these expert freestyle riders compete in this 3 day even racing in some sandy place in the states, where all they would do is jump on any hill they could find. It was pretty cool.

There was this one hill with a huge jump. Out of the 8 bikes only one was a 450, and the only bike that could jump the jump was a 450. Some of the others discussed the the whole weight thing of the 450 vs the smaller bikes....but not after they could not make the jump and the 450 guy was ripping huge air...:banghead:

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