Can I get opinions please on the most comfortable grips?

What do you guys like? Thanks

renthal half waffles. they seem to hold up ok. i don't care for the softer grips like the pillow tops. i put a few wraps of electrical tape around the bars before the grips go on to make them a little fatter, a little more comfortable for big hands.

pro taper pillow tops...

I have not used anything that has worked as good for me as Spyder grips.

What do you guys like? Thanks

ODI Lock-on

pro taper pillow tops...


used the renthal kevlar grips. Really liked them but wore them out fairly quickly.

The Protaper Pillow top grips came highly recommended. Put a pair on and really impressed. I have several rides including some slide outs and the grips are holding up very well with no signs of wear. Have excellent grip as well. Would buy either again but definitely would give the nod to the pillow top

ODI Lock-on

The only way to go:thumbsup:

im running tag rebound grips. i absolutely love them!!

I prefer the ProTaper Pillow Tops.. the Renthal half waffle mediums are good, too. And the ODI's are all I use on my mtn bikes but haven't used them on the moto yet- As soon as I free up a little bar space I may switch to them, but those are my top 3 for sure.

pro taper pillow tops feel good and are holding up very well

renthal kevlar grips stick better to my glove and are soft so they dont peel your hand on long desert rides; also I need less effort to grip the bar and I get no arm pump.

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