Dunlop D606 too big?

Hi, I have a Dunlop D606 on my 650R. Its a 130 and was on it when I brought the bike. I have noticed that its rubbing against the inside of the rear guard behind the air filter. Doesnt appear to be making contact with the inside of standard muffler. Do any of you guys run the 130 without it rubbing

Maybe my sub frame is slightly bent. Or is it possible the 130 is too big for the 650R.

Cheers Mike

I've run the 130 size 606 and never had any issues.

I use either stock (14/48) gearing or 15/47 (no need to move chain adjusters). Even with a new chain I did not have any contact issues with the airbox or silencer.

If I run a 140 width rear (Michelin Desert) I can hit the chain with the side knobs when the chain gets worn out and starts to have too much side play. But I still don't make any adverse contact with body parts on my R with that tire.

Mike, the tire is not too big. I even run a 140 but it depends on the overall diameter of the tire and brand. My Dunlop 739 Desert A/T 120/100-18 rubs the shock guard but the Michelin 140/80-18 S12 doesn't. The 650R handles better with the rear tire moved as far forward as possible. So I don't really see a problem. Remember that the more you ride the PIG the more the tire wears hence problem solved.:bonk:

I too run the D606 in the 130 width. No rubbing.

Now a 130 width sand paddle is another story. With the chain adjusters maxed out and the mud flap removed the paddles will expand far enough to rub the inside of the swing arm. But this only happens at speeds above 75mph.

Thanks for the replies guys! Well looks like my sub frame must be slightly bent to one side. Any ideas of how to straighten it. Had a Husky 610TE that would rub on either of the twin mufflers after being dropped. I used to lay the bike on its side and step up onto the rear sub frame and give a little jump and that would staighten it. I think the 650r might be too solid for this to work.

Cheers Mike

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