Valve Clearances on the '04 YZ450F

I could use a little help from someone with a service manual. Can anyone tell me the correct valve clearance specs for an '04 YZ450F? Thanks for any information you can share, I do appreciate it.

In metric it's:

Intake: .10mm to .15mm

Exhaust: .20mm to .25mm

In inches it's:

Intake: .0039" to .0059"

Exhaust: .0079" to .0098"

It's the same for 2003 through 2009.

In inches it's:

Intake: .0039" to .0059"

Exhaust: .0079" to .0098"

.004 - .006 & .008 - .010 :bonk:

Thanks guys.

I have a question I was checking my valve clearance on my 03 yz450f I had the bike at top dead center and I was reading on my exhaust .19 on the right exhaust cam and 20 on the left exhaust cam I did some research and also red that you can check your clearance with the lobe facing 12 not necessarily at top dead center but a sure way to know there is no pressure on the bucket so I checked it with the lobes facing 12 and had a reading of .45 on my left exhaust cam and my right exhaust cam was still .19 but then when I put the bike back to top dead center and I check it again the left cam is back to.20 maybe I did something wrong anybody ever experienced something like this

I guess what I'm trying to say does the engine have to be at top dead center to check the clearance or could it be in any position as long as there is no pressure on the bucket cuz I feel like top dead center versus the cam lobe facing straight up to12 o'cock there is more slack in the cam at 12 o'cock is this normal

Top dead center Forsure!  The lobe is at its thinnest at top dead center. As the came turns the lobe gets bigger until it hits the bucket to open valve.  Get what I'm trying to say?

I get what you're trying to say but when the pointy part of the lobe is at 12 o clock and the bottom of the lobe is at 6 o clock wouldn't that be the least pressure also at top dead center pretty much the pointy part of the lobes are at 3 and 6 o clock which you would think the pressure at that position should be the same pretty much half the distance of the round part of the lobe unless the lobe has an oblong shape that I can't see by eye but the weird part was when I was putting my feelers gauge on one of the cam lobes I got a reading of .45 and I'm supposed to have a reading of .25 but then when I put it back at top dead center I got a normal reading so if you have the least resistance when the cam lobe is at top dead center why did I have more room to slide a bigger feeler gauge when I had the pointy part of the lobe facing up I feel like that's where I had the most Slack hard to explain through text unless my feeler gauge wasn't sliding under the lobe but I'm pretty sure it was sorry if this sounds confusing

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