FOUND orings in carb thats not serviceable!!!! PICTURES

Ok guys, have had a heck of a time trying to find a fix for my dilemma, As some of you know the middle section of the carb is not serviceable, so if you take it apart and the orings rip, you can not get a replacement oring from Heikin cause of a issue that you could leak fuel and catch fire if the oring wasn't install properly. So it happen to me I took it apart not knowing and I was in need of the oring.I searched and begged for help but no such luck. I was told by everybody that I was gonna need to buy another carb to get that oring. :bonk:

Until.... I contacted Dean from R&D Racing and he told me with those fuel passages being just straight paths, I can probably find some perfect size orings to seal the areas affected. So after finding all the correct sizes, I installed it and BOOYAH!!!!! It works!!!!! :bonk: :banana:I included some pics of what I did so that if anyone has this same problem, they can find the answer here. The oring replacement that I made and needed was the one in the middle, if you need the outer one you can get it from the Athena dual spray venturi jet kit. :bonk:

I have a whole bunch of these orings sets cause I had to buy in 50 piece of each 5 different sizes because of its small odd sizes. So If you need to replace that oring contact me, I will give it to you for really cheap i have many 49 extra sets.

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Usefull information but just a tech. curiosity: which was the reason you had to tear a part the whole FCR body? there was a specific problem/symptom?

the bike is an 02 and I just got it so I wanted to completely clean out the carb of any gunk before I give it a proper tuning, thinking like most carbs, you can get parts for and turns out the inside could use some cleaning.

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