I guess i got a problem... 07 rmz 450 carb

My 07 rmz 450 didnt idle so i thought id check the carb...



Any ideas on how i best can fix this... i guess cleaning the crap is a good start but thinking i should look at the fuel tank and filter also...

that wont affect whether bike idles or not but you need to pull the bowl and see whats up in there.

what you are showing is the dry side of the accelerator pump chamber.

I'll be the first to admit that im not the expert when it comes to carbs but... what is the purpose of that "chamber" if it doesnt affect the idling..? although im guessing what you mean is that it doesn't directly affect idling. I thought bits and pieces of rust could easily flow from there and clog a jet or something of that sort. Any links to a guide for cleaning these types of carbs? Thanks any pointers is appreciated

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