How do I comply (Australia)

I have recently acquired a kdx from a friend of mine. He has three of them and we've built two strong bikes out of the three. And since i helped i get one of them :bonk::bonk::thumbsup:.

Only his bike has a compliance plate and i am wondering if this bike i get will be able to be complied and road registered.

This applies to the Queensland rules of Australia. But feel free to chime in if you have similar experience. :bonk:

Thanks in advance.

no compliance plate = no registration.

But is there a way to get a compliance plate???

if i'm thinking right compliance plate is ADR compliance, if the bikes doesnt have it, then you can get the bike independently tested to get it, but it's very expensive, as in a few grand expensive, better off selling the bike and getting another with a plate if you need rego, or move to vic and get rec rego:moon:.

I see. Guess i better start reading the classifieds then.

Anyone after a kdx :bonk::busted::bonk::busted:

The only way around is if the bike has been previously registered in qld, not sure if you need the VIN or plate number. Can you get a compliance plate? Short answer, no.

I would ask the relevant department in QL. There are home made cars and custom bikes and other vehicles made from parts that have no compliance plate and they do not need expensive testing.

My friend built a Harley using a custom frame and aftermarket parts.

He did need an xray of the gooseneck,and once an engineer was satisfied,the WA dept of transport affixed their own plate.

A lot of these state laws tie in with federal law so most states are the same now.

Costs nothing to ask;)

...don't know how it is in Australia, but can't you buy a junked frame and switch the plates!?

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