AMS tires

Anyone ran the AMS OF213 or OF219 tires?

They seem to make more tires for ATV's the motorcycles, but I searched around and couldn't find any good reviews of these tires.

How do they hook up in various conditions? How to they wear?

They seem to run $55/$65 front/rear so the price seems good.






They look pretty good, all 4 DOT!


yes but how is the grip in real world conditions and do they wear super quick?

yes but how is the grip in real world conditions and do they wear super quick?

They're cheaper than pirellis, and they're pretty new (I think), so someone has to be the guinea pig.

The 219 looks like it would wear more slowly.


they say they are made of all natural rubber... how does that effect the tire?

I might just have to guinea pig this, the price is low enough. I do woods and trails on the weekends and use it to put around town during the week, so I can't go to a non-dot. Probably go with the 219, which is the enduro one. The 213 says intermediate terrain, which probably won't hold up well to pavement.

I would usually go with 606's but I find they don't clear well in mud.

Also have a new pair of metzler 6 days in the garage, but I would bet the pavement would chew through those.

I have been running these tires for over a year now on my XR400. I have 213 on the rear and the 219 on the front. And I will now doubt buy them again! next time how ever I will buy the 213 for the front. I rode about a hundred of miles of Michigan single track and ORV trails last season and this year dual sported the bike and starting running dual sport events and doing some on my own as well. My last trip was around 140 miles of northern Michigan of dual sport with the "Great Lake Dual Sporters"

Front Tire 219:

Riding in Michigan means sand and most people know the legendary front end twitch the Honda XR400 has in the deep loose sand and this bike was no exception. The Excella 219 front tire improved this issue quit a bit. I run about 9 or 10 PSI for sandy conditions and bump it up to 12-15 for dual sport riding and pavement. My only issue with this front tire set up is that we almost always find loose sand during our dual sport rides and at 12-15 and that extra PSI does make noticeable difference. (i.e. lower is better for sure)

Rear Tire 213:

The rear tire has been a outstanding, and I consider it a "find". I run it at about 13-15 psi for all conditions and at this point will buy another with no hesitation. My XR has been opened up a bit and "breathes" quit will for an old school Honda 400. I love see a hill coming at me from the trail, shift up and let her torque her way up,through and over anything on the hill. this rear tire keeps on biting. If I had to come up with a complaint it would be from my riding partners that have forgotten and are riding to close me. It seems to be a rock chuck-er.

Both the front and rear tires are holding up well under moderate pavement use and behave well enough on the road too. When I consider the price of these tires and opinions of my riding partners that are running them also and share my opinion of them, I will be buying them again. :bonk:


Sounds good to me!


yep ,ran a set on my xr650r and shreaded them in about 350 miles. Worked great for hookin....but wore out crazy fast

yep ,ran a set on my xr650r and shreaded them in about 350 miles. Worked great for hookin....but wore out crazy fast

I usually use only just enough throttle to get the job done, I will probably try the rear if I ever ride enough to wear out my XCMH.


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