YZ 125 vs KTM 125EXC - which one?

Different question now.

What would be better for a mix of trails and MX

KTM 125 EXC or a YZ 125 with rec reg?

Part of me says the YZ because i do want to someday enter a C class race. The other part says you will miss out on open trail rides because of the Rec Reg limitation ?

Totally confused now.

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exc 125....they are fine for mx too...trust me plenty of my friends are keen enduro riders here in italy and they do sometimes come to practise with me at some mx tracks...i am sad to say one of them is faster than me on his 09 exc125 than me on my 05 sx125 hehe...ktm's are great bike but i don't know much about the yammy...they seem good too...(go orange) haha :bonk:

yea the yz 125 ,,,,yz125 will go down as one of the best bikes of all time

it runs like a trail bike , but rips like an mxer

my son went from a xr100 to a yz125 when he was 12

I ended up getting a 2004 YZ 125....pretty happy with it so far! I wouldn't say it rides like a trail bike...its a bit cruddy off the bottom, though im running stock gering. Thinking i would need to up a few teeth on the rear or go down one on the front.

If i went up to say a 52/52 from a 49 would i need to do anything to my chain?

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